The Many Contexts Of Civil Law

Many people never need to file or defend a lawsuit in Virginia. But like insurance, you never can predict when you will suddenly be faced with a legal dispute. You could attempt to handle these situations on your own but you risk the chance of errors or mistakes that may wind up costing you more than if you had hired an attorney in the first place.

Corder Law, PLLC, will work to save you time and money and ensure that your case is handled properly. Our attorney can discuss your issue, explain the law, outline your options and potential outcomes. This allows you to make a decision on how to proceed from a well-informed position. We will work with you to achieve your goals.

We Handle A Variety Of Civil Litigation Issues

Our firm can represent you with a full range of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Personal injury, including car accidents, slip and fall, and premise liability
  • Breach of contract and business disputes
  • Wills and trusts
  • Employer liability defense
  • Real estate issues, including boundary disputes
  • Landlord-tenant matters, including warrant in debt-lawsuits and unlawful detainer

Legal issues can arise in many contexts. You may need a will to explain your final wishes, you may have been injured in a car or truck accident or you might have trouble with a neighbor over a property line in Harrisonburg. Corder Law, PLLC, can help with all of these matters and help you resolve these issues in a cost-effective manner.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Civil Law Issues

Civil litigation can come in many forms. Our lawyer can help you determine the strength of your case and explain your legal options. Give us a call today at 540-808-4232 or use our online form.