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Troopers remain on alert for speeders after COVID-19 experience

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Car Accidents |

As Virginia and other states gradually reopen while continuing to confront COVID-19, they also cannot forget another scourge that this worldwide crisis brought: excessive speeding on our roads and highways. The light road traffic – a symptom of when many states virtually shut down – tempted many motorists. And they went for it.

Virginia State Police have been well aware of this reckless behavior. For example, the law enforcement agency reported that on one Saturday in early May, troopers stopped eight drivers clocked at more than 100 mph. One of the drivers reached 132 mph. Of course, such motorist actions led to more active enforcement by state police.

Speeding contributed to serious crashes in state

Virginia reported traffic fatalities dropped almost 30% from mid-March – when the shutdown went into effect – and mid-May. However, excessive speed was a contributing factor in a greater amount of serious crashes during that time. Speed also contributed to almost half of Virginia’s 72 traffic fatalities during that same period.

Now that the state is opening up, expect more traffic on our roads. And no matter what time, here are some things to remember when driving on Virginia roads and highways:

  • Obey traffic rules, and that includes not speeding.
  • Law enforcement is more aware of driver habits than ever before, so drivers must be on the alert for speed traps.
  • If pulled over in a traffic stop, be polite and do not say much.

Summer is here, and people want to enjoy the warm weather and pleasures that come with this wonderful season. When traveling on Virginia’s roads and highways, be careful, do you your best to avoid speeding, always follow traffic laws, and have a safe trip.