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Facing University Disciplinary Proceedings?

Harrisonburg is home to James Madison University, Bridgewater College and Eastern Mennonite University and their students. If you are facing any disciplinary hearing while at college or university, you need to take these proceedings very seriously and seek a lawyer for assistance as soon as possible.

These Hearings Are Not Criminal Proceedings

This is dangerous for you. Because they are not formal criminal proceedings, some constitutional protections that would otherwise apply do not apply. The lack of criminal trappings could lull you into a false sense of security. You may think because it is not a criminal adjudication, the consequence will not be serious.

This attitude could cost you your schooling and your future. Because of the lesser constitutional protection, you still are in great need of an attorney who can guide you through this complex process and protect your rights. Without an attorney, you may inadvertently make statements or be pressured into admissions that can damage your situation and lead to a suspension or expulsion from the school.

I handle criminal charges, too. In addition to university disciplinary hearings, some conduct may trigger parallel criminal proceedings. I practice in criminal defense as well, and regularly represent JMU students facing criminal charges for alcohol, drugs, theft, assault or sexual offenses. In both venues I work to protect that young adult from the harshest consequences.

Title IX Disciplinary Actions

Title IX is a complex federal law that prohibits sex discrimination and governs a range of activities on university campuses, from athletic programs and employment discrimination to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The U.S. Department of Education can influence the way in which universities conduct disciplinary hearings involving sexual misconduct and if you are charged with sexually related misconduct, you need an attorney who understands these laws and can protect your due process rights.

Students and their parents need to recognize the risk these disciplinary proceedings carry for you or your child’s future. A suspension or an expulsion is damaging enough. Having your transcript marked as being guilty of sexual misconduct or rape could foreclose virtually all educational options, as few schools will admit a student with such a charge on their record.

You can also face expulsion, suspension or other sanctions for possession of alcohol or drugs, for accusations of academic cheating, and for other criminal and noncriminal offenses that violate Title IX or the college’s code of conduct. I can help you get ahead of your situation to try to prevent the worst consequences and salvage your university career and future prospects.

Contact Me Today About Disciplinary Hearings

University disciplinary hearings in Virginia are serious, especially if they involve allegations of sexual misconduct. Call our office today at 540-418-3388 or use our online form.