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Restoring Your Virginia Gun Rights And Civil Liberties

Most people know that when you are convicted of a felony crime you forfeit certain rights, such as voting privileges and the right to possess firearms. What you may not know is that it is possible to have these rights reinstated after a time.

Restorations of civil rights is a complex process, but with legal help you having a fighting chance. Corder Law, PLLC, has helped Virginia citizens win back their rights.

Restoration Of Firearms Rights And Civil Rights

Perhaps you lost your gun rights many years ago because of a felony conviction. But now you’d like to hunt with your family or own a gun for home protection. That criminal record not only prevents you from owning or possessing firearms, it also prevents from voting in elections, running for public office or serving on a jury.

In many states, your civil rights are automatically restored after you have served your sentence. In Virginia, you must formally apply to the governor (Secretary of the Commonwealth) for rights restoration.

Reclaiming your full rights is a two-part process. First you must petition the governor of Virginia to restore your civil rights. And then only a circuit court judge can restore your firearm rights. Neither of these things are simple or automatic. You need an attorney who can help you “jump through the hoops” to demonstrate that you should be trusted again with your civil rights and gun rights.

In addition to civil rights restoration, I help clients with expungement of old arrest records or low-level convictions. Sealing these records means they will not show up in background checks.

Are You Eligible To Be Reinstated?

I am criminal defense lawyer Justin Corder. I have helped a number of clients in the Shenandoah Valley successfully petition for rights restoration. I can determine if you are a candidate for having your rights restored and then shepherd you through the legal process.

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