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The Experience And Skill You Need In Domestic Violence Cases

Being accused of domestic violence is a difficult situation. It can leave you feeling scared and unsure of your future. If you have children, you may be wondering when you will be able to see them again. If you were the subject of a protective order, you may not know where you will live while this situation is unresolved.

I am attorney Justin Corder, and I understand how you are feeling and why you are worried. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I have helped hundreds of people in this same situation. You can rely on my thorough, aggressive defense throughout your case. We will work together and you will have direct access to me. Learn more about what I can do for you.

Domestic Violence Charges In Virginia

Many people think that domestic violence is limited to married or cohabitating partners, but it can also apply to intimate dating partners and ex-partners, college roommates/housemates, and siblings and parents. You do not have to live with someone to be charged with domestic violence.

One thing to note about these cases: When someone calls 911, the police typically will arrest the alleged abuser. If the alleged victim decides not to press charges that will not necessarily stop the case from going forward. The prosecutor may proceed with the case despite the alleged victim changing their mind.

Protective Orders And No-Contact Orders

Another aspect of domestic violence cases involves the use of protective orders. At first, they will likely be temporary orders, but that may mean that you are immediately removed from the home (when applicable) and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim and no contact with your children.

You do not want to violate a no-contact order, protective order or stalking order. If you do, you may face additional criminal charges and consequences that can result in jail time.

Temporary orders may be extended to a family abuse permanent protective order in some cases. If this happens, you will no longer be allowed to own or possess a firearm. I can represent you in the hearing on whether to continue the protective order. In many cases, we can convince the judge to rescind the order or modify the restrictions in the permanent order if you do not pose a threat.

Act Today To Protect Your Rights

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