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It Is Critical To Protect Your Child’s Future

As a parent, you know that kids sometimes make mistakes. When a child or teenager is charged with a crime, they need your help to keep their future on the right track. Learning accountability is important for kids, but if the punishment and consequences are too harsh, it’s counterproductive and may do more harm than good.

At Corder Law, PLLC, I defend children and teens charged with crimes in Harrisonburg and the surrounding counties of Virginia. I am attorney Justin Corder, and I have over 10 years of legal experience. I am passionate about helping young people through a difficult time and working to protect their rights. While I understand that learning from their mistakes is part of life, I also know that a criminal conviction can derail even the brightest future. Your family needs an experienced, caring lawyer to help mitigate the consequences of the charges. Let’s talk today about how I can help.

The Experienced Attorney You Need For Juvenile Law

I have represented teenagers in trouble with the law and facing charges related to:

One of my goals for each young client is to keep them in the juvenile justice system rather than the adult criminal justice system. The juvenile justice system is more geared toward rehabilitation and support services, but you need an attorney to navigate the situation intelligently so the outcome doesn’t handicap the youth in the long term.

I have represented teens accused of many crimes, including serious felonies. No matter how serious the charges, I try to keep them in the juvenile system if possible rather than being tried (and sentenced) as adults.

Another goal I strive for is to get the youth released to their parents rather than locked up in juvenile detention. While less harsh than jail or prison, juvenile detention can still be a dangerous and frightening experience.

Take The First Step Toward Shielding Your Child From The Worst Outcome

Call my office at 540-418-3388 today to set up an appointment. You can also send me an email. Working together, we will help your family through this ordeal.